Warren James 2020 – MY OKLAHOMA HOME Released today

Hi there all, Warren James here.

Especially for you – a few new tracks for 2020 – to celebrate the end of the dreaded Lock Down – unless you’re a broken individual like me, trapped in tier 3 eating Pedigree Chum like the true Hill Billy that I am (at heart).

I hope you enjoy this 5 track EP and I hope that I can encourage you to purchase these 5 tracks – your support is appreciated during these financially crippling times……. In fact…… I don’t even know if “crippling” is spelt like that as I’ve never been in a financially crippling situation, that’s how crippling this all is 🙂

Visit my website shop or go to http://www.warrenjames.bandcamp.com to purchase and download to your inbox for immmediate playing.

Still – I hope that you are all well and I hope that we can all meet up on a live show some day soon and begin making new memories again, in the meantime – perhaps this offering will see you through in the meantime.

Much love, and special solidarity to all of my favourite WET LED pubs out there.

Warren James x

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