Skiffle Update

Hello everyone,

I hope everyone is enjoying the summer and hopefully you are getting out to see some great live acts in your own area of the country.

Last night was my first weekend off in 4 months so I am now finding time to let ya’ll  know about my whereabouts.

On the tour dates page at I will shortly be adding a number of new dates for 2014 and 2015.
I am pleased to be able to announce that among my solo performances we will be including a few more trio and full band shows in 2015 – this is very exciting as I love working with other musicians equally as much as working on my own, so I hope people will be able to make it along to a show.

We had a great time at Upton Blues Festival a few weeks ago, my musicians all played incredibly well and I couldn’t have asked for a nicer crowd of music lovers to cheer us on – the organisers have built a wonderful event and deserve much praise for their hard work, over 100 bands, in as many venues, a free event and everyone gets paid – my kind of organisers!! In fairness, we should be playing at many more festivals but we’ve found that those who do the event bookings are often very difficult to deal with, they’re not always the warmest of people to talk with nd leave you wondering how they ever get anyone on the events, but the ones that we have done in 2014 including Upton and the Acoustic Festival of Great Britain have all been fantastic events and our most sincere thanks to those organisers. To those festivals that haven’t booked us I say this: “__________ ”

The other little bit of news for everyone, I have agreed to do a few more dates with Roger Dean’s Johnny Cash Story. Those of you that got to know of me through the Johnny Cash show will know that I took time out to establish my solo act having toured the world for almost 6 years with the show… I will be back doing my electric lead guitar licks again with the show during 2014 and 2015 – there’s around 15 special dates and having become far more selective about where the concert tours we happy to just visit our most favorite venues around the UK.

All of these dates will be going up onto tonight, whilst typing with one finger and eating my Chinese meal with the other hand. You can follow me and see pics and updates at or even twitter @AcousticWarren.

In the meantime please stay well, enjoy the summer and keep smiling folks.

Love and best wishes to everyone

Warren James

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